bi/quad cycling

17 10 2009

two legs, four people,  men and women, on bicycles!  as kiersten said yesterday while riding, “THIS is what we’re doing for the next 8 months!”

yep.  bicycling.  heaps of it.  thus far we’ve had a lot of heat to deal with.  Stefan and Kiersten have had bouts with blistering and heat rash.  we drink about 7 liters of water per person per day in this heat.  this leads to a couple of complications.

1.  this is the first time in life i’ve grown sick of the taste of water.  (i know, it has no taste, but i found myself dreading it)

2.  we run low on salt from sweat.  to solve this we take a salt shaker and pour a pile in our hand and lick it out.  my favorite solution is swigging soy sauce – it is the beer of salt.   and i’ve caught stefan licking his arms to catch the salt he has let out.  in this way, he completes the circle of salt.

in order to solve the problem with hating water, i decided to do an experiment with a sack of 5 peso lemons i bought.  check out the videos below.

cheers and welcome to the road,





One response

20 10 2009

Glad to see you are making your way. Sorry about the rocky start but that makes the rest more appealing. You should have enough Spanish to get along, understanding the locals -keep your Spanish speaking friend close. keep it coming.

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