small towns, small lakes, big hills

26 10 2009

a couple days ago we rode into a small town in guatemala called “el remate.”  the town is nearby tikal, the monstrous and magnificent 26 sq km site of some of the most famous mayan ruins.

at night, we often feel like the morning was at least 2 or 3 days ago.  we’ll have the “ride” of the day, and then we’ll have the “finding where to sleep / food / whatever other trouble we get into” side of the day.  this particular day was our most intense yet.  we began in the foothills of mountains, climbing roads with gradients that are much too steep to be legal in silly countries like the US.   at many points we were in our lowest of 21 gears with strain on our faces, pouring sweat and salt from our pores like an overcarbonated soda.  but we made it.

and when we did, after 90 km of hills, just before we got to our final destination in “el remate,” we were treated to the greatest sunset of our lives on a lake with mountains surrounding and clouds hovering, seemingly smiling,  gently overhead.





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