17 11 2009

So many things can happen between internet access on this trip that it is useless to attempt to describe all of them.  It would not help my tendency to ramble, and more importantly,  it´d be terribly boring.  So, without further ado, I present this that was our last two weeks.  (I do this mostly because the internet cafe is closing soon.)  While reading, try to imagine me performing an interpretive dance along with it. 

Big mountains.  Tired legs.  Days off.  Little bit of rain.  Soaked everything.  Pupusas are the only truly El Salvadorian food?  They are fantabulous.   Gear still wet.  Queue mold.  leave San Salvador, lots of downhill.  Much more rain.  Worse storm that night.  Yay hurricanes.  Hitchhiking.  Massive landslides, state of emergency.  Try to go help.  Meet governor of San Miguel, takes us to an American-style mall.   ¿Que?  Go sort clothes in Verapaz, move around  some bottles of water, more useless than not. Very sobering scene.  Meet awesome Brazilian, Valdo.  Hike volcano.   Leave El Salvador.  Pespire doc drives us to eat seafood.  Leaves for a call.   Stuck all afternoon. oops.  Long ride to border.  Think we can get farther than practical.  stuck at sketchy border town.  Girls splurge on love hotel. Doug and I camp w/ border police.  reggaeton blares at 2am.  street urchins wandering around our bikes.  no sleep.  Leave Honduras.  too soon.  lots of volcanoes in nicaragua.  even more cows.  few cars.  camp with fire fighters.  across street from fair.  eat amazing chicken.  even better smoothies.  quit ignoring wordpress.

if there´s anything that strikes your fancy, please give a holler.  I´ll try to explain a bit more when we´re on a more stable connection. 







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