una dias es quanto?

20 11 2009

we reference our trip by events.  at the pineapple stand before Kiersten nearly broke her thumb.  right after i fell off my bike during the tropical storm.  after we stumbled through a dark barrio of leon, nicaragua in search of a homestay with no address, before we bought the 2.5 liters of sugar cane rum.  for more, see the previous post.

one day here is epic.  the sun rises and sets and rises and sets each time we close our eyes, it seems.  let’s not even consider a whole week.  we eat meals, nay snacks,  that are more than an average person eats for a day.  we down bags and bags of beverages – choice #1: licuados.   we wave to dozens of people; buenos dias, buenos tardes, buenos noches.  we wake from a tent with a group of 15 children staring.  we try to change out of bike shorts while a village of people peers in at us.  and they only blocking the rest of the village from peering.   we challenge the sun to wake first.  we challenge the moon to stay longer.

our legs push.  our lungs push.  it’s all for the children.  (and i swear that’s not corny)




Doug with pineapple and volcano






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