costa rican addresses (or lack thereof)

4 12 2009

quite a few people live in this little country with lots of greenery and volcanoes.  you will be lucky if you are able to find where they live, however.  addresses do not exist here.  i met someone who was petitioning the government to start assigning addresses.  they didn’t sound hopeful.

let’s say you want to visit someone .  here would be a typical direction:  (translated from spanish)

go to the place where the pharmacy used to be.  go south 600 m.  take a left. go recto recto recto (straight straight straight)  on the street.  it is a grey house.  it is across from a blue house.

everyone’s address is relative to another monument in town.  occasionally, these monuments do not exist anymore.  or they have crumbled.  or they go by a number of different names depending on who you talk to.

people who can afford it have p.o. boxes to solve this problem.

i imagine that costa rican mailmen are few of the last true explorers of our world.  each day at the job is a treasure hunt to deliver mail.  my pedaling legs salute them.




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