biking at 4,000 m

5 03 2010

so, you probably haven´t biked at 4,000 m. so let me tell you a few things about it. breathing is a good thing. and doesn´t come easy. each day i wake up and stretch, i am out of breath halfway through the first stretch. we´ve seen people arrive up here in buses or airplanes needing to be immediately escorted to an oxygen machine to keep them going.

our lips. are dry. and then we put cream on them. and they`re still dry. stefan´s lips have cracked over so many times i think you can probably see 5 layers of dead skin by now.

there are still mountains. up here. peaks of 6,000. those are the ones with snow on them. the ones that haven´t lost snow already due to global warming.

the people. are incredible. bolivia has some of the most incredible people we´ve met on this trip. and they sport some excellent winter clothing made of alpaca. the food made of alpaca is another subject.

this is one of the most fascinating places we´ve been for the entire trip. and boy do we have stories….




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