our philosophy

we´re on an 8,000 mile bicycle trip being followed by 3,000 wonderful elementary school students in chicago.  why?  a good chunk of students in chicago haven´t seen lake michigan.  most can´t name the country south of the united states.

we´re writing articles, posting pictures and videos, and promoting sustainable travel on the website http://www.reachtheworld.org.  go there and see our children´s content.  come here and see it from a personal angle.

in writing our posts we´ll tend to focus more on specifics than generalities (see the list of things we`ve see).  we´re biased.  we think details make for better reading, better stories.   and we hope reading our journals makes you happy, makes you smile, makes you squeal with glee and smirk.   in other words, we´d rather it not read like the back of a cereal box — though we read those too =-).

one more thing:  our trip has been supported by donations from hundreds of wonderful people.  we thank them and encourage you to contribute as well.

cheers and fair roads,


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