Our Route

We will begin and end in Chicago.  In between, we will travel to 13 countries, 8,250 miles, more than 5,000 of those on our bicycles!
You can see our most current location here:

Current Location

Bike Latin America Route

Date             Location
10/8/2009    Cancun, Mexico
10/15/2009    Chetumal, Mexico
10/22/2009    San Ignacio, Belize
10/29/2009    Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
11/5/2009    Comayagua, Honduras
11/12/2009    Esteli, Nicaragua
11/19/2009    Granada, Nicaragua
11/26/2009    Tamarindo, Costa Rica
12/3/2009    San Jose, Costa Rica
12/10/2009    Tole, Panama
12/17/2009    Panama City, Panama
12/24/2009    Quito, Ecuador
12/31/2009    Cuenca, Ecuador
1/7/2010    Loja, Ecuador
1/14/2010    Piura, Peru
1/21/2010    Trujillo, Peru
1/28/2010    Lima, Peru
2/4/2010    Machu Picchu, Peru
2/11/2010    Cusco, Peru
2/18/2010    Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia
2/25/2010    La Paz, Bolivia
3/4/2010    Colchani, Bolivia
3/11/2010    Potosi, Bolivia
3/18/2010    Sucre, Bolivia
3/25/2010    Coroico, Bolivia
4/1/2010    Guayaramerin, Bolivia
4/8/2010    Porto Velho, Brazil
4/15/2010    Manaus, Brazil
4/22/2010    Boa Vista, Brazil
4/29/2010    Yupukari, Guyana
5/6/2010    Iwokrama, Guyana
5/13/2010    Georgetown, Guyana
5/20/2010    Paramaribo, Suriname
5/27/2010    Home!


2 responses

20 11 2009
Shanese Sanders

Hey Doug!

I hope you come back and visit Manley High School.
have fun! Shanese

22 11 2009

hey shanese, hope the school year is going well! keep recycling!!!!!!!! say hi to ms. a and everyone else!

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