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12 02 2010


5 02 2010

progressive español-ing

29 01 2010

up and down in the andes in the south of ecuador, we had some grueling riding and some incredible scenery.  after spending days of climbing and going up two incredibly high ridges, thinking we had crossed the worst, we settled into a nice valley.  at the end of the valley, we stumbled upon a small hut that advertised cane sugar drinks.

being that the valley was comprised mostly of huts made of wood and tin, and copious about of cane sugar, i figured this might be a good place to stop.  i signalled to stefan to hold back his steed and we pulled up to the cane sugar drink shack.  1 man escorted us around, and about 10 others followed. 

i told him about our trip, as we walked into a room with about 4 jugs of different liquids.  i was hoping for some sweet cane sugar type of refreshment.  he pulled out a small dixie cup, put it under the tap.  poured it half full of some light brown liquid.  i drank and was reminded immediately of brown sugar, moonshine and a slight aftertaste of rubbing alcohol. 

we found a moonshine palace.  we tried the wares, tried hard not to wince too badly and had a nice little chat before getting on our bikes again.  the chat was mostly me and the lead man, surrounded by about 10 others, who, in wild western style were saddled up to the side of the hut, with some horses and other critters mozying behind them.

so where did you come from?

cancun, de mexico 

cancun?¿      —  at this, the group of men looked back up the dusty road from whence we came as if it led directly to mexico


¿on a  bicycle?!  – this was said with a disbelief and a nod towards our bikes 


and now you are riding through the andes mountains?  on a bicycle?


this is the spine of the andes mountains.  up there you about to cross it.  on a bicycle.  are you sure you´re going to do that?

si.  it´s  a lot of up from here?   —  here i look at stefan like, ah, geez i thought we were done.  stefan looks back like ´what are we going to do about it?´

all of the men laugh.             yes, it goes up and up and up.  — and here he gestures with his and, swerving in the air, simulating a snakey, road, which winds on down to his arm, to accentuate the snakiness.  then he starts making noises of going up and wooshing air. 

so you´re riding over the spine of andes on a bicycle?   he asks one more time


pretentious haiku – sans music, for those of you in THE US.

21 01 2010

pretentious haiku from el salvador

14 01 2010

Andean Instruments

14 01 2010

New Years in Ecuador

14 01 2010